• Empowering women to transform the economy

    Empowering women to transform the economy

    Leon, Nicaragua Rural economic expansion Expanding economic opportunities for women has been one of the main objectives in each of the programs that ViviendasLeón implements in our rural communities. A central component to achieve this is empowering women to see themselves as independent bread-winners in their community. Our training program, HCT, promotes social inclusion while…

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  • San Francisco Internships

    San Francisco Internships

    Our Program: University student interns at our San Francisco office work closely with the ViviendasLeón executive team on various projects related to organizational growth and outreach. Interns begin their time with an orientation to learn about the organization, the communities we work with, and the work they will be contributing. TERM: Semester-long, and Year-round opportunities…

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  • Water Security Program

    Water Security Program

    Improving wells for water security Claudia BarreraNicaraguans living in rural communities often face an interlocking web of roadblocks which inhibit development, such as poverty, food insecurity, and a lack of educational opportunities. For Troilo community member, Claudia Barrera, food insecurity was heightened by a lack of access to water without a well. “Climate change has…

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  • Reforestation Program

    Reforestation Program

    Reforestation’s benefits to communities The effects of El Niño and the recent drought threaten food security in Nicaragua, especially for the 2.5 million people who live on less than two dollars a day. Additionally, deforestation has reduced the country’s forest cover by 40 percent between 1990 and 2016, exacerbating soil erosion and degradation. In the…

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  • SME’s Strengthen Families

    SME’s Strengthen Families

    SMEs help create strong communities and reduce vulnerabilities Sutiava, Nicaragua The objective of the SME program is to contribute to the economic development of families and produce an improved standard of living.  The development philosophy of ViviendasLeón is asset based: to work with families and communities to identify personal, communal and natural assets that can…

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  • Public Health Program, Nicaragua

    Public Health Program, Nicaragua

    Public Health Program Since 2011, ViviendasLeon has sought to identify the health challenges and their causes faced by families living in the Sutiaba communities. Among these are chronic diseases including diabetes, dengue and malaria, diarrhea, renal disease and malnutrition, born by insects, contaminated water, insufficient diet, heat exposure, and inadequate sanitation.  At present we have…

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