• Field Report: Hurricane Iota

    Field Report: Hurricane Iota

    An Interview with Roosevelt Donaire, Farmer Don Roosevelt Donaire in his corn field immediately after Iota, León, Nicaragua Background Following the same destructive path of Hurricane Eta which affected the region in early November, Hurricane Iota has developed into one of the most catastrophic hurricanes of the season. The storm made landfall the morning of…

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  • School and Family Travel in Guatemala 2019

    School and Family Travel in Guatemala 2019

    “Everywhere you looked, there were happy kids teaching each other games and playing together.” New Educational Service Trips a Success in Guatemala ViviendasLeón has welcomed our first groups to the Mayan highlands of Guatemala! Travelers embarked on a service-learning experience that introduced them to local history and culture while participating in our service program. Our…

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  • Cambiando la Vida de las Mujeres

    Cambiando la Vida de las Mujeres

    La capacitación en capacidad humana cambia la vida de las mujeres en Nicaragua  Margarita RivasLa cultura tradicional de Nicaragua, como otros países latinoamericanos, se centra en la iglesia y la familia y ha sido moldeada por la experiencia del colonialismo y las tradiciones culturales y religiosas europeas. Una herencia de esto son las limitaciones sociales…

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  • Launching Careers through Scholarships

    Launching Careers through Scholarships

    León, Nicaragua Norlan Hernandez Norlan Ramón Hernández Arévalo was born in the rural community of Troilo into a family with two brothers. When he was five years old, his family moved to the city of León for a work opportunity for his father. Financial issues forced the family to return to Troilo, where they had…

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  • Investing in Rural Families

    Investing in Rural Families

    “Without ViviendasLeón’s help, we would not have overcome the barriers of poverty.” Investing in rural families Around the world, millions of rural families rely on farming for their livelihoods. While these families contribute around 70% of global food needs, the majority are mired in extreme poverty, and their livelihoods are threatened by climate change, economic…

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  • USF Small Business Training Program 2012

    USF Small Business Training Program 2012

    USF Business School Training Program, León Nicaragua 2012 This was the second trip of honors students from the USF School of Management since 2010. Students apply to the program in the fall semester of their academic year, then work as a cohort to research new business proposals and contribute to the ongoing development of a…

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