• Una Entrevista con Norlan Hernandez, Estudiante

    Una Entrevista con Norlan Hernandez, Estudiante

    Lanzando carreras a través de la educación: Norlan Hernández Norlan Ramón Hernández Arévalo nació en la comunidad rural de Troilo en una familia con dos hermanos. Cuando tenía cinco años, su familia se mudó a la ciudad de León para una oportunidad de trabajo para su padre. Los problemas financieros obligaron a la familia a…

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  • First School Kitchen Completed

    First School Kitchen Completed

    “We are now seeing the success of their work with the opening of the first kitchen.” Los Manantiales, Santa Lucia Utatlán, Guatemala After several months of construction, we completed our first kitchen at the Los Manantiales Primary School in the Guatemalan Highlands. A huge thank you is owed to the local parent volunteers and visiting…

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  • Resilience during COVID

    Resilience during COVID

    An interview with our Agroforestry director León, Nicaragua Nicaraguan Health authorities have reported a total of 2,519 positive cases and 74 deaths. However, government reports lack details about which department or municipalities are most affected by the pandemic, nor do they share how many tests have been conducted. ViviendasLeón Agroforestry Director Lesbia Alvarado, shares how…

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  • Field Report: Hurricane Iota

    Field Report: Hurricane Iota

    An Interview with Roosevelt Donaire, Farmer Don Roosevelt Donaire in his corn field immediately after Iota, León, Nicaragua Background Following the same destructive path of Hurricane Eta which affected the region in early November, Hurricane Iota has developed into one of the most catastrophic hurricanes of the season. The storm made landfall the morning of…

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  • An Interview with Director Brenda Acosta

    An Interview with Director Brenda Acosta

    Brenda Acosta, Committed to Helping Communities León, Nicaragua Hired in 2013, Brenda Acosta is ViviendasLeón’s (VL) accounting officer as well as the program coordinator for small business projects (SME). Acosta grew up in León, Nicaragua and attended the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-León). She lives in León with her husband and her 17-year-old daughter.…

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  • An Interview with HCT Coordinator, Cris Rojás

    An Interview with HCT Coordinator, Cris Rojás

    León, Nicaragua Cristhian Abel Rojas Niño is ViviendasLeón’s (VL) program director for the organization’s Human Capacity Training program (HCT). Rojas grew up in the municipality of Malpaisillo, in the department of León, Nicaragua. He is the youngest of five brothers. Rojas holds a degree in Social Work and Development Management from the Faculty of Education…

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