New Farm Training Activities

New additions to continuing farm supervision program

Our rural farmers visiting Exania's farm.
Our rural farmers visiting Exania's farm.

León, Nicaragua

As part of our approach, ViviendasLeón collaborates with the community we work with to find new ways to build their capacities. Our Agroforestry Director, Lesbia worked with our Agriculture Technician, Camilo, and our farmers to create an event to help our participants practice their farming skills and improve the quality of their harvest. Lesbia organized a two-part activity for our farmers in Troilo and Goyena to share their farming experiences, and learn about new care and management practices. 

The first day of the farming field activity focused on the exchange of ideas and a trip to two of VL’s most successful farms. The group visited Karla and Exania’s farms to show how farming is experienced in different parts of Sutiaba through a variety of conditions. Karla’s farm showed the importance of harvesting a variety of products that help support local biodiversity, increases soil nutrition, conserve water, and produce high-quality food.

The visit to Exania’s farm truly inspired many since Exania farms without having access to water on her property. Exania showed the group how she prepared her seeds so she can move on to the next step of transplanting. Throughout the visit to both farms, the VL staff shared how our program’s goal is to reach harmony between humans, plants, and animals. 

On the second day of the farming field activity, the group focused on learning new techniques to care for their farms. This exchange of ideas enriched the experience for both communities. The activity was successful in bringing the communities closer together, improving collaboration, and increasing their farming skills.

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Our HCT coordinator, Leonor Zepeda has been working with the community to develop greater socio-economic development. To that end they have created a Rural Farmers Market idea, or Mercado Campesino where our local farmers can sell their produce and products to the community.

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