Farming Visualizations 2017-2019

An Analysis of VL's 2017-2019 Farming Data

León, Nicaragua

This farming data is a snapshot into the data we have collected between November 2017 to March 2019. It is important to track and measure the progress our smallholder farmers have made so that we can set benchmarks and achieve our goals. On this page, we open our data to you. Hover your mouse over the different visualizations and click on the charts to filter detailed views!

The first chart you see above displays the frequency of ViviendasLeon’s technical visits that are provided to our farmers on a weekly basis. The chart also shows the impact the Nicaraguan protests had on our visits. Additionally the Farming Location chart gives the reader insight into the type of agricultural products that are grown by each individual farmer. One of our goals in the Family Farming Program is to facilitate the cultivation of diverse products which all fall into the following groups Fruits, Legumes, Tall Grasses and Vegetables. Click around the map to learn more about the individual composition of each farm.

In the charts found under Produce Quality, the reader gets a better view of the types of products that are harvested the most, the average quality of the product, and the most farmed products by group. One of the first things that stands out is the role that the cultivation of Fruits and Vegetables has for our farmers. Additionally, the average quality of the products cultivated by our farmers range Good to Excellent. We can assume that this can be a result of the weekly technical supervisions that are provided to the farmers. Click on the expander to get a better view of the most popular products harvested.

The charts found under Produce by Category gives the reader great insight into the products harvested by our farmers in Sutiaba alongside the quality by category.

The Word Chart found under Crop Illness gives the reader a look at the main types of pests that impact our farmers. Additionally the colors are associated with the category of product the pests impacts the most (i.e. Dark Green - Fruits, Green - Vegetables, Light Green - Legumes, Yellow - Tall Grasses). The bottom bar chart highlights the type of pest management employed by our farmers. Our primary goal in pest management is always to exhaust organic methods before using a chemical product in the most extreme scenarios.

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