An Interview with Farmer Daisy Ramirez

Daisy Ramirez at her home, Sutiaba Indigenous Region, León, Nicaragua

On becoming a successful rural farmer and business owner.

León, Nicaragua

Daisy has been in our program for 8 years. In that time she has become a successful organic farmer, started a beekeeping business with 3 other graduates of our program, and is now a successful businesswoman. 

To achieve this she completed our core capacity training program, and attended a one week seminar in business administration, designed and implemented by the USF School of Management. 

Today she earns a living from farming and honey production.  She feeds her family a healthy and complex diet that she grows and can afford from her income.  She is a leader in her community and has the respect of her husband and children. She is empowered by her hard won successes and continues to develop as a businesswoman and community leader.

"We were trained, and continue to attend workshops. [Through this process] we became empowered. ViviendasLeón provided farms, alongside other things. And then we jumped into the bee-keeping project. We now have our own income, income that we didn't have previously.  We have gone and sold [our products] at the local store, something I didn't even imagine possible. So when someone comes to talk to me they can tell I am free, that we [women] are capable."

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