SME Program Strengthens Families

SMEs help create strong communities and reduce vulnerabilities

The objective of the SME program is to contribute to the economic development of families and produce an improved standard of living.  The development philosophy of ViviendasLeon is asset based: to work with families and communities to identify personal, communal and natural assets that can be used tas resources for development.  These resources include levels of education, self-esteem and technical or creative skills; land, water and sunlight; domestic animals, trees and plants.

The program coordinates these resources through training and supports the launch of small business projects such as honey production, sewing cooperatives or agricultural wholesale businesses.  Through this program, families have improved their economic situation, future prospects and domestic relationships while reducing their vulnerabilities, resulting in an overall improvement in attitude, leadership, entrepreneurship and economic health among members of the communities.

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Immersion Travel Update

“It’s hard to put into words the experiences my family and I have had on our immersion trips with VL. Each one has been truly amazing. Family immersion trips are an incredibly special way to travel.” 
-Will Robbins, parent and three-time traveler

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About ViviendasLeón

“ViviendasLeon has supported us throughout our process. Without their help, we would not have been able to overcome the barriers of poverty. They continue to help families like our own, and I hope their impact benefits other people in rural communities who need it.”
Oralia Ramirez - mother, farmer, beekeeper

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Introducing Our New Strategic Plan

We are so excited to publish our first Strategic Plan, 2021-24!  It is the product of our staff and board working together during the pandemic in 2020 on a plan to strengthen our organization over the next 3 years.

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