Central America Internships

University intern noting updates in our Family Farming Program, rural Nicaragua.
University intern noting updates in our Family Farming Program, rural Nicaragua.

University student interns at our Central America offices work with our staff and rural community members to gain first-hand experience in non-profit operations, project research, development, implementation, and assessment.

Internship positions include:

  • Grant research and writing
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Social media and photography 
  • Environmental education and agroforestry 
  • English tutoring 
  • Youth and sports development 
  • Computer education and training 
  • Art, Music, and Dance  

Program Highlights:

Live and work side-by-side with community members in León, Nicaragua or Panajachel, Guatemala.

Participate directly in our ongoing rural development programs, such as building construction, reforestation, food security, youth arts, and sports.

Interns are mentored by our experienced staff members with the support of local experts that strengthen their skills, facilitate introspective reflection, build community and manage safety and risk. 

Spend the first part of the day working with our staff in the office, developing a plan of action in their chosen project area, which is followed by fieldwork in the rural communities working side by side with community members. 

After the workday is done and on the weekends, interns are free to experience the cultural beauty of León, Nicaragua or Panajachel, Guatemala. 

How to apply:

  1. Send your Resume and Cover Letter to our Global Education Program Director
  2. Explain why you want to intern for ViviendasLeón, what dates and duration you are interested in interning, and your top two intern position choices.
  3. If you are seeking financial assistance for your internship? Include a one-page funding request stating why you need funding, how much you are requesting, and what makes you an exceptional candidate for a scholarship.
  4. Schedule an interview with the ViviendasLeón SF team

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