Rebuilding a Farming Economy

Rebeca in from of her updated well.
Rebeca in from of her updated well.

Rebuilding a Farming Economy: Rebeca Zaqueria

September 21, 2018 - Goyena, León Department, Nicaragua

ViviendasLeón’s programs increase human capacity and self-sufficiency with a multi-pronged approach-and Goyena resident Rebeca Zaqueria is an example of the efficacy of the programs. Rebeca, who is 23 years old, is a recent resident of the small rural community of Goyena. Along with her husband and son Berman, Rebeca moved to Goyena from Managua in order to find work. Now, her husband works at the San Antonio sugar mill while her son attends preschool in Goyena. 

Since moving to Goyena, Rebeca has been able to benefit from a number of ViviendasLeón programs. The Student Scholarship Program enabled her to finish her high school education. While high school education is free in Nicaragua, many young people are unable to finish their degrees due to financial difficulties. The associated costs of schooling, such as supplies, books, transportation, and uniforms, often exceed what impoverished families can afford. The Student Scholarship Program gives financial aid to young people to enable them to finish school. 

Rebeca was also able to attend ViviendasLeón’s Human Capacity Training (HCT) program shortly after it began in 2012. HCT programs provide training in an array of different areas, including entrepreneurship, social values, self-esteem, and leadership. The trainings also provide members with a family garden for growing vegetables. Family gardens not only provide families with a dependable source of nutritious food, but also create an income-generating enterprise for the family. The skills of HCT, paired with the gardening program, have benefited Rebeca and her family greatly. 

Today, Rebeca is very grateful to ViviendasLeón’s programs as they have enabled her to finish school and learn new skills. Her entrepreneurship skills have empowered her to generate extra income for her family through gardening, as well as diversifying their diet. Currently, Rebeca is also one of the first families to benefit from well improvements to ensure water in the summer season.

The long-term impacts of her new skills will continue to benefit her family and community in the future.  

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