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Patricia Trujillo teaching her granddaughter to plant tomatoes on their farm in Troilo, Sutiaba.
Patricia Trujillo teaching her granddaughter to plant tomatoes on their farm in Troilo, Sutiaba.

Our Methodology

ViviendasLeón employs a 4 year ladder of programs to achieve our mission. Programs focus on training human capacities and implementing multi-sector projects to address the interconnected nature of deficits that are the causes of poverty.  The combination of step by step trainings and resources establishes a core group of families, 20%, at the center of a self-sustaining community.

Adult Pathway Methodology
Human Capacity Training is the framework and foundational program that addresses the human dimensions and bi-products of inter-generational poverty among the poorest members of society including lack of skills, motivation and confidence, low self-esteem, isolation, and lack of community involvement.

Projects are introduced to support the development of skills, confidence, food security and local economy among the rural population.  Over the course of four years, adults routinely receive technical trainings to deepen their success and productivity in farming, social networks, and business.

Youth Pathway Methodology
While adults need immediate and concentrated interventions and training to become self-sufficient, youth require more long term, diverse and protracted programs to develop as young adults.  Our programs address the intellectual, emotional and relational health of our youth in the rural communities, focusing on gender and sex equality, leadership, teamwork and community engagement.

Programs in include scholarships for promising and engaged students to afford the basic expenses of attending school including books, supplies, clothing and transportation; Arts and entrepreneurship that provides a safe and mixed age group setting for adolescents to engage with each other in guided respectful practices, create projects and practical experiences in marketing their creative products.

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Immersion Travel Update

“It’s hard to put into words the experiences my family and I have had on our immersion trips with VL. Each one has been truly amazing. Family immersion trips are an incredibly special way to travel.” 
-Will Robbins, parent and three-time traveler

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About ViviendasLeón

“ViviendasLeon has supported us throughout our process. Without their help, we would not have been able to overcome the barriers of poverty. They continue to help families like our own, and I hope their impact benefits other people in rural communities who need it.”
Oralia Ramirez - mother, farmer, beekeeper

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Introducing Our New Strategic Plan

We are so excited to publish our first Strategic Plan, 2021-24!  It is the product of our staff and board working together during the pandemic in 2020 on a plan to strengthen our organization over the next 3 years.

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