Tools for growing healthy crops in Sutiava

Hellen during a community farm training day

Women make up more than half of the world’s population, yet the responsibility disproportionately falls on them to feed a large part of its inhabitants, especially in rural areas of developing countries. According to the FAO, rural women produce more than half of the food, and play an important role in preserving biodiversity and guaranteeing food sovereignty and security.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America and has been one of the most affected by climate change where rural women fight every day for survival in an adverse environment. ViviendasLeón, through the family farm program, has been teaching agroecological practices as a way of adapting to climate change.

In January 2023, ViviendasLeón delivered more than 15 hand operated, 20-liter fumigation pumps that spray organic repellent compounds made from various plants such as garlic, neem and others, by the women farmers to combat pests, weeds, and insects that are harmful to crops.

Some comments from rural women in our program: 

“I feel very proud and grateful for the gift they have brought us today: my pump, which is very beautiful, whose purpose is to spray the vegetable plants with organic products to keep plants healthy and productive, and control insects, weeds, and diseases. This support is a very important addition to our work as farmers. Thank you very much to ViviendasLeón, thank you on behalf of the entire community. I am very grateful, I feel happy!”.

Hellen Espinoza
Gabriela receiving her fumigation pump

“My name is Gabriela Davila. I live in the community of Troilo. ViviendasLeón has provided us with pumps to fumigate the pests in our farms, and the training to make organic pesticides, so we can keep our crops free of pests and diseases. We feel grateful for this contribution that we received, and are thankful that we will maintain healthy farms”.

Gabriela Davila

‘I feel very grateful to God and then to ViviendasLeón. They have helped us a lot recently, and now receiving the pumps is an important additional benefit for each family. We can now control the pests in our garden.  May God continue blessing each one of those who support us in the family farms”.

Jacqueline Munoz Torrez