Scholarships create access to a better future

Ariana Galeano receiving her monthly scholarship

According to UNICEF, education must reach girls, boys and adolescents in the countryside and the city, children living in poverty, with disabilities or from different ethnic groups.

UN Sustainable Development goal number 4 identifies the commitment to inclusive quality education when it states “to guarantee inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

In Nicaragua, due to the difficulty of access to education in rural communities, girls, boys and young adults have limited opportunities to continue with their studies after completing  primary school. The ViviendasLeon scholarship program offers economic support to pay for teaching materials, monthly fees, and transportation to nearby secondary education and universities. 

Supporting students in secondary education and college increases literacy, creates a path for professional careers, and increases their future earning capacities.  In addition, it blunts the worst aspects of limited education: teen pregnancy, limited employment opportunities and a continuation of the cycle of poverty.

ViviendasLeón currently supports nine promising young students in secondary and university education with a stipend of just $35 a month, covering all of their educational expenses. 

Valeria Torrez and her father

Valeria Torres, a seventh grade high school student: ”Thanks to my scholarship, today I have support to continue studying. With the economic contribution I can buy notebooks, pens and have a little money to spend during my school break.”

Another of our beneficiaries, Areana Galeano Arevalo:

‘I am currently in tenth grade at Vista a la Montaña School.  Before receiving this help, it was difficult for my parents to buy school supplies or notebooks, as well as the monthly school fees. Due to the scholarship program it is now easier for me to buy my school supplies and has been a great help.  With all my heart I thank you. ́ ́