Progress on our First Kitchen

“As the director of this school, we are grateful to ViviendasLeón for having made our school’s dreams come true.”

Mothers cooking in a new kitchen

Working Together for a Healthy Future

Since our previous update last month, we have made considerable progress on the kitchen project and expect it to be fully completed in about a month. Local parent volunteers are currently finishing up installing the plumbing and electrical wiring. Ironworkers have arrived to complete the work on the roof, and our partner, Vivamos Mejor, has ordered joists to be installed.

Interior of new kitchen at Los Manantiales

Once the roof is completed, we can begin working on the interior of the building, including the wall and floor tiles, stoves, and countertops. The new sink and cabinets have been delivered, and the designs for the wood-burning stoves and chimneys have been approved.

Our program directors have chosen brown tiles for the floors, white tiles for the kitchen walls, and there will be hand-painted tiles done by the visiting students and family groups.

The students at the school expressed jubilation over the hand-painted tiles and gratitude for the progress.

Molly Molander, project architect, Guatemala

The kitchen project will support the work of Mil Milagros, providing the space to teach nutritional cooking to parents and provide meals for children, in an effort to improve nutrition and hygiene for children in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala.

Our construction partner, Vivamos Mejor, focuses on improving people’s quality of life and the natural environment that surrounds them. Their work includes social, economic and environmental programs, implemented by a multidisciplinary team of local and national technicians and professionals, focusing mainly in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. Vivamos Mejor has provided financial support in the form of purchasing materials for the construction of the school kitchen in Los Manantiales.

As well as improving the quality of life for women and children, this project was also supported by student and family groups in immersion trips to increase awareness and cross-cultural exchange. During the duration of their trip, our program participants work on the construction of the kitchen and are immersed in Guatemalan life by staying with local host families.

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