Student Travel

We offer summer and year-round opportunities for high school, college and graduate students in San Francisco and our office in León, Nicaragua, and Panajachel, Guatemala.

"Education is not confined to a classroom. Our goal is to nurture young leaders who lift others up." 

Intern with a student, León Nicaragua.
Intern with a student, León Nicaragua.

Richly Authentic Immersion
Living with homestay families and working side-by-side with local community members in Central America, participants form lasting relationships and experience the transformative power of cross-cultural collaborations based on mutual respect. While those supporting our administrative efforts get key insights into the workings of an international NGO.

From Homework to Fieldwork
Participants work directly in our ongoing rural development programs, such as construction, reforestation, food security, youth arts, and sports, gaining an awareness of the real and lasting impact they are making while supporting our team and using their coursework as tools for transformation.

Local Guides & Local Knowledge
Participants are mentored and guided by our experienced staff members with the support of local experts that strengthen their skills, facilitate introspective reflection, build community and manage safety and risk.

Dynamic Agenda
Stay a little as a few weeks to as long as a few months. Participants work with our staff in the office, developing a plan of action in their chosen project area, which is followed by fieldwork in the rural communities working side by side with community members. Participants spend the first part of the day diving into historic and cultural activities followed by an afternoon of participating in our service project. 

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