Reciprocity is central to our relationship with organizations and institutions whose shared values, research and funding align with our ongoing development activities, and achieve the goals of our partners.

"Partnerships are a reciprocal relationship between rural communities and organizations seeking to make an impact and learning from that experience"

USF professor and Leon staff member, Nicaragua
USF professor and Leon staff member, Nicaragua

ViviendasLeón relies on foundations for grants to support our work in rural communities; on universities for research, field implementation and performance metrics; on organizations with aligned values to expand the reach of our development goals; and on schools committed to long-term relationships and the work of educating for global citizenship, connecting communities across borders, and creating the opportunities for social justice.

 We seek to advance the efficacy, scope and scale of our work among rural communities in Central America through partnerships in our six program areas. Select from the sidebar menu to find partnering opportunities.

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