Our Approach and Programs

A long-term partnership with communities to break the cycle of rural poverty and create agents of sustainable change.

"Social-emotional training combined with project-based programs is the key to sustainable development."

A farmer with his tomato crop, Nicaragua
A farmer with his tomato crop, Nicaragua

Our Approach: 4 and 20
ViviendasLeon employs a 4 year “ladder of development” program to address the most persistent and interconnected characteristics of poverty in the region. These include limited human capacities, malnourishment, unemployment, environmental degradation and public health diseases.  

We focus on 20% of a population with projects in human training, food and nutritionwater and sanitation, environmental science and reforestation, small business formation and youth development to address immediate needs and create a long-term and sustainable transformation of rural communities.

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4 years = 20 %

Our unique 4-year cycle of training, farming, water and small businesses establishes a core group of families, 20%, who provide self-sustaining food security and economic expansion in their communities.

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