Our immersions are designed to support our organization’s mission, and to balance well structured, inter-cultural learning with hands-on field project experiences in sustainable development.

"Education plays a vital role in our mission to eliminate rural poverty by engaging others in the task of creating a safer, more equitable world."

A class on traditional Mayan foods, Guatemala
A class on traditional Mayan foods, Guatemala

Immersion program
Our Immersions center around side-by-side engagement with people and projects in rural communities, focusing on cultural learning and language, and linking diverse peoples to create networks beyond the limits of rural communities.  

The focus is on learning about and understanding the realities of rural communities throughout Central America and around the world.  It is a hands-on and intimate experience of rural indigenous life, the culture and language of another place and a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the world beyond our borders.

Our program is rigorous and well organized, spending each day working in rural communities, learning about rural development from introductions to other organizations in the region, and attending cultural events and programs.  Evenings are spent with your home-stay family, getting to know them and their way of life.  In the end, you will develop an awareness of the realities and challenges faced by the rural peoples of Central America, learning about yourself while exploring a new place, culture and way of life.

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4 years = 20 %

Our unique 4-year cycle of training, farming, water and small businesses establishes a core group of families, 20%, who provide self-sustaining food security and economic expansion in their communities.

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Climate change report

As climate change progresses and we are seeing its impacts on a global scale, we equally must pay attention to the people who are hit the hardest.

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New project in Campo Verde, Guatemala

In an effort to create long-term solutions, ViviendasLeón is proposing a project that includes composting toilets at a rural school. The design addresses the challenges of unreliable water for flushing toilets and collects rainwater for important hygiene uses.

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