Family travel

Our family trips are “work hard, play hard,” balancing richly rewarding cultural immersion with the transformational experience of collaborative, hands-on service.

"Education plays a vital role in our mission to eliminate rural poverty by empowering agents of change for a safer, more equitable world."

International family service travel
Consider the impact of experiencing a culture and way of life different from your own as a family. Together, you will have the unique opportunity to process the big questions that arise from this new understanding, and be inspired to continue the path of global citizenship when you return home.

Authentic immersion into a new culture:
Families live with local families, beginning and ending their days around the dining table together. Family members join our unique rural development program and work alongside community members on authentic development projects ranging from construction to working on reforestation or farming projects. Family experiences are further enriched with local excursions to nearby cultural, historic and environmental locations. This intimate glimpse into a different life and culture will provide families with fond memories that will last a lifetime.

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