Corporate travel

We offer corporate teams and their families the opportunity to deepen connections to one another and participate actively in creating a more just, equitable world.

"Leverage your capacities today to create a more sustainable tomorrow"

Help create a more just and equitable world
Help create a more just and equitable world

Corporate Travel Program
In the 21st century, social responsibility means that individuals and companies also act in the best interests of the environment and society as a whole. Employees seek out companies that support and contribute to the communities that surround them while still maintaining profitability for their stakeholders.

ViviendasLeón’s Corporate Travel Program forges stronger bonds, strengthens skills, boosts morale, builds community and helps employees and their families feel more connected to the world around them. This is how you and your colleagues can help make an impact:

Richly Authentic Cultural Immersion
Living with homestay families and working side-by-side with local community members, form lasting relationships and experience the transformative power of cross-cultural connection and collaboration based on mutual respect.

Direct & Lasting Impact
Contribute directly to our ongoing rural development programs, such as building construction, reforestation, food security, youth arts, and sports, and gain an awareness of the real and lasting impact they can make.

Local Guides & Local Knowledge
Dive into the diverse Mayan culture through historical tours, speakers, and hands-on activities involving: food, art, dance and more lead by our experienced staff with the support of local experts that facilitate introspective reflection, build community and manage safety and risk.

Strengthen Your Team
Working alongside colleagues and their families not only reinforces interpersonal bonds and strengthens teamwork but also connects your employees and company to the world around them as a way to boost morale. 

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