Educational Travel
More than twenty years of experience in rural Central America, involving students, educators and families in transformative experiences.

Sustainable Development

Programs that increase human capacity and address the root causes of poverty, achieving sustainable socio-economic impact.

Educational Travel Programs

Not just travel, transformation!

Through our global educational travel programs, students, educators and families participate directly in our ongoing development work, gaining global perspective and transferable skills that support a commitment to social justice.

School travel

Aligned with curriculum and directly supporting rural development work, our trips are authentic, immersive experiences with the resources of an embedded organization.

Family travel

Our family trips are “work hard, play hard,” balancing richly rewarding cultural immersion with the transformational experience of collaborative, hands-on service.

Corporate travel

We offer corporate teams and their families the opportunity to deepen connections to one another and participate actively in creating a more just, equitable world.

Student Travel

We offer summer and year-round opportunities for high school, college and graduate students in San Francisco and abroad.

Sustainable Development Programs

Not just aid, impact!

An asset-based approach focused on personal agency and capacity building, our proven development model equips rural communities with the skills and resources to achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in their standards of living while creating a culture of empowerment and transformation.

Our Approach and Programs

A long-term partnership to (build capacities, skills, resources and infrastructure needed to) break the cycle of rural poverty and create agents of sustainable change.

Nuestro Enfoque y Programas

Una asociación a largo plazo con las comunidades para romper el ciclo de la pobreza rural y crear agentes de cambio sostenible.


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