Water and Sanitation

Improving wells for food security

Improving water sources to provide sufficient irrigation water throughout the year.

Well water improvement project in Nicaragua


Central America is warming and experiencing increasingly variable rainfall.  Total rainfall has decreased by 6-10% over the past 30 years.  The consequences of this change in climate is already being felt in greater food insecurity and intensifying migration from the region.


ViviendasLeon is working with local family farmers to improve their existing, hand-dug wells to secure sufficient water supplies.  Improved wells have been producing four times the annual required amount of irrigation and domestic water allowing farmers to plant crops throughout the year.


  • ViviendasLeon has provided an improved or in some cases, a new well for each of the 40 current farming families we work with. 
  • Beginning in 2021, our program will ensure that each new farm will be supplied with an improved well to guarantee sufficient water.
  • All farming families now have the capacity to grow three crop cycles each year, with as many as 15 vegetable varieties, citrus and fruit trees
  • With this additional water, families have been able to wash dishes and clothing more regularly and their consumption of cleaner water has improved their health outcomes.


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