Small Business Development

New Agriculture and Skills Support Small Business

Training new entrepreneurs and creating local businesses that build local economies.

Tending hives at our honey co-op COABE


Chronic unemployment is one of three major causes of migration in Central America.  In Nicaragua 36% of working age adults are unemployed and 40% are in vulnerable employment.  In Guatemala, 38% of working age adults are unemployed including 60% of women and 20% of men.


In Nicaragua, ViviendasLeon is training adults in business planning and entrepreneurship, with support to form farming related and small manufacturing businesses such as clothing or accessories production.  In Guatemala, we are working toward implementing this same program in 2022.


Developing small family businesses produce new income and a sense of empowerment.  Families no longer depend on the industrial farming economy for their employment and have the skills and capacities to succeed in their own ventures.

  • Family incomes double within one year of beginning farming and selling produce.
  • New business partnerships have generated new sources of income within communities.
  • Women owned businesses promote gender equity among domestic partners


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