Human Capacity

Human Capacity Training

Human capacity training is the foundation of sustainable development

Adult training workshop in Nicaragua


According to the UNDP report on education in 2017, the average level of education among adults in Nicaragua is just 6.7 years, and 6.5 years in Guatemala. Among youth, life in poverty, gender inequality and inadequate education provide an environment of vulnerability, early pregnancy and limited opportunities.


Provide training and capacities for socio-economic development among adults and youth. Start with an asset-based orientation, identifying the physical and personal resources that are leveraged to transform existing conditions. Improve self-esteem, leadership, gender equality and entrepreneurship to become protagonists in development.


Each year, 20 new families complete the program and are prepared to begin farming and reforestation, and work toward starting a new agricultural or small manufacturing business.  They complete the program with the following capacities:

  • Acquired the skills, agency and knowledge to pursue an improved quality of life
  • Learned entrepreneurship skills to be applied to a small business project
  • Developed a change in their mentality and culture characterized by an inherent belief in their ability to succeed, and in their community to help them in this effort


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