Food Security and Nutrition

Food Security and Nutrition

Food scarcity and malnutrition is one of the three major causes of migration in Central America

Food security farming in Nicaragua


According to UNICEF, 19% of children in Nicaragua under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition. In Guatemala 36% of rural families are food insecure, while stunting rates among children are some of the highest in the world.


In Nicaragua ViviendasLeón is training rural families to farm their land and produce a diverse variety of organic vegetables, fruits and citrus to improve the diets of as many as 5 rural families. 

In Guatemala, ViviendasLeón currently partners with Mil Milagros to build or renovate school kitchens, and is working toward launching our four year training and food security program in 2022.


Each year ViviendasLeon trains 20 new families in farming and entrepreneurship to produce sufficient food for their families and to create a stable family income from selling their produce to other families in their community. ViviendasLeon ensures their success through continuous weekly supervision and training workshops over four years.

  • Families are now capable of farming their land throughout the year, producing 3 crop cycles while growing enough food for their families and for 5 additional families in their communities.


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