Map Shows Scope of Farms

An interactive map of the Sutiaba region and our farm projects there

León, Nicaragua

It can be difficult to imagine the scope and scale of the work we continue to do in Nicaragua without the use of a map.  The Sutiaba indigenous region is 135 square miles with a population of 11,000 rural inhabitants.  We currently work with 39 families indicated in green flags, across the 16 neighborhoods (comarcas) that make up the two communities of Goyena and Troilo, who are farming on their land, producing year round organic crops and making a living by selling their produce locally.  These crops provide hundreds of families with essential fresh food that is creating food security in the region.

This is a small but growing example of how communities in Latin America can thrive under some of the most difficult conditions in the hemisphere.  Our organization directly addresses the need for skill and behavioral training workshops, environmental stewardship and resource management, and productive organic farming to supply the basic foods and local employment needs of rural communities.

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