Looking forward to 2023

From left: Brenda Acosta (Leon), Norma Baján, Maybeline Chavajay, Cristhian Rojas (Leon)

San Francisco, CA

In 2022, ViviendasLeón programs supported nearly 500 families and 1,250 children in Nicaragua and Guatemala. From increasing our number of family farms to building a new school kitchen last year, our work helped strengthen the communities we work with as they continued to battle with challenges brought on by Hurricane Julia, unemployment, and the ongoing effects of climate change.

In January 2023, our expansion in Guatemala will be spearheaded by our new team there, led by director Norma Baján. Molly Molander will continue supporting local projects; Maybeline Chavajay will launch our capacity training programs; and Brenda Sahón joins as our new accounting administrator. I’m delighted to welcome them to the VL family and excited about the initiatives they will nurture and the new ones they will bring to life.

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