León team helps launch new farms program in Guatemala

Leon team Brenda Acosta and Jorge Blanco in Los Planes with Yamileth Alonzo Zárate and Reyna Beatriz López Tunay

Preparing for our first group of farming families in Los Planes and Paxub’ Guatemala

This May, ViviendasLeón is launching a food security program in Guatemala to train local families in organic, diversified sustainable farming to provide food security and income. The program is already implemented in Nicaragua and will be focused in the communities around Santa Lucia Utatlan.

Brenda Acosta and Jorge Blanco of the VL Nicaragua team visited Guatemala in March to meet with our new agronomist Yamileth Alonzo and train the Guatemalan staff. This collaboration produced an invaluable exchange of agricultural ideas and practices that promise to have a positive long-term impact on our rural communities.

The training highlighted the essential concepts of organic, diversified sustainable farming, focusing on planting techniques to optimize available resources, such as germination and sowing, soil preparation methods, organic pest management, and standards for recording data in the field.

Additionally, the teams discussed methods  to ensure long-term success and highlighted critical stages of the agricultural cycle and practical tools for effective implementation. Our agronomist was encouraged to consider not only crop production, but also its impact on the environment and community.

The Nicaragua and Guatemala teams spent a day in the rural communities where the program will be launched, Los Planes and Paxub’, to meet with the beneficiary families who will be taking part in the program. The teams discussed future outcomes with families in these communities, and the goals of  increasing food security and income from the sale of surplus crops through the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices. In addition, community ties will be strengthened through this collaboration and knowledge exchange.

“During this first month working for ViviendasLeón Guatemala, I have had the opportunity to visit the women who are our first group of farmers in the communities of Paxub’ and Los Planes.  I have noticed the enthusiasm of the women for the new project we are about to start, and the participation and involvement of their families when preparing the land that we will use for planting vegetable crops. It is so great that on a personal level, it fills me with joy, and I also feel committed to each and every one of them, to do an excellent job and achieve the objectives of the program.”

Yamileth Alonzo Zárate, Agronomist