Introducing Our New Strategic Plan

Farm technician Camilo Melendez with family farmers

San Francisco

We are so excited to publish our first Strategic Plan, 2021-24!  It is the product of our staff and board working together during the pandemic in 2020 on a plan to strengthen our organization over the next 3 years.

Strategic Plan 2021-24

As we write today, conditions in Central America continue to impact rural communities in three significant ways: Lack of food, lack of work and lack of security. These three factors, when combined as they are in the region, force families to leave their traditional communities in search of these basic needs. 

Our response will be to strengthen our programs and expand our reach this coming year to solve this problem by focusing on training, food, water, and work. These four elements, when connected, provide a way forward for rural families struggling to eat, stay healthy, earn a living and remain in their communities.

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