Indigenous Culture: A factor in development

Katy Mercado and Paula Hernandez, HCT program participants

The role of culture in development

During October this year, a seminar was held on ”The Culture and Development of Rural Communities”, with the aim of raising awareness, and rescuing the customs, traditions, foods, myths and legends that are part of the indigenous history of life in these rural communities. Our goal is to prevent these ways of life and traditions from being lost to future generations and is part of our HCT 2022 Troilo community strengthening program.

The indigenous group of Sutiaba peoples are located in the Pacific area of ​​Nicaragua, in the department of León. It is one of the ten remaining indigenous peoples in Nicaragua. This community has been socially and economically excluded by society, causing the loss of many cultural traditions and ways of life in this community.

”Including this theme of culture in the workshops is a good idea because we will learn about our cultural identity and heritage.  Here in Troilo there are many stories and legends that are told and passed down.  Some of these are: 

The Legend of the Cerro de Canta Gallo, Los Duendes, La Sucia, Los Sipis and other traditional stories that are very common here.

I am glad that today with these lessons we are reminded of our traditions, so that the younger people know their culture, and the identity we carry in our blood.  Today with technology those wonderful and magical stories, and the habits of telling them, are being lost. That’s why in these trainings I can see why it is important that we come to talk about our culture”

Katy Mercado Chavarria

Culture creating a foundation for change

The Sutiaban people are owners of their own culture, customs, religions and traditions that define their identity. With the passage of time and modernity, their knowledge and practice rapidly declined. At ViviendasLeón we believe that in order to be successful with the programs and projects that we carry out in these rural communities, it is important that people know, embrace and understand their cultural origins, and value and appreciate their cultural legacy of traditions and customs, providing a solid foundation from which they can grow and succeed.