HCT: A space for healing, training and growth

Keyling and her daughter in the first HCT workshop

During the month of August, a new training cycle of the Human Capacity Training, community strengthening program began. To start the new training cycle, the ViviendasLeon team visited the eight neighborhoods that make up the Troilo community, to put up posters and hand out fliers, inviting people to register. This time, we planned to work with ten new families, but due to the success and growing popularity of the program, plus the excellent results of the previous cycle, we had 20 families who came to register.

Keyling Medrano: ”I became aware of the opening of the program through my neighbor. She was given a flier for the registration. For years I had wanted to participate in the program, but didn’t know how to apply. When I went to sign up the team from the organization told me what the objectives of the program were. I feel these sessions are very good, and after the training we are going to plant what we will need for our families. Iaf we are successful, we will eat well and be able to sell vegetables, thus acquiring other products we need and have had to do without.”

Most of this new cohort are young women who want to transform their lives and the lives of their families. They are women who have lived with the emotional and economic challenges of poverty that affect rural communities in so much of Nicaragua.

Keyling added: ”I have enjoyed working with the other participants. The workshops are very dynamic.  We have gained knowledge that we did not have before, and the topics will be very useful for our lives. The trainings are presented well, we do not lose time, and on the contrary, we invest it for the future, for our children and ourselves”.

Cristhian Rojas is the program director of the HCT Community Strengthening Program.  He is a licensed social worker and is committed to the work of training rural adults and supporting their struggle for better lives. The program makes use of other professionals such as a psychologist who leads workshops in personal growth, and a gynecologist and public health professional who focuses on women’s health care.  There are also small business and agroecology consultants who round out the list of professionals who participate in the training workshops. Read more about Cristhian on our Team page.

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