Goyena Preschool 2005-7

Finished murals painted by school children and volunteers

Goyena Preschool 2005-7

The preschool was started at a time when organizations were beginning to emphasize among rural communities the importance of preschool education.  As it is true in the U.S., preschool for children freed women to pursue other activities during the work day, like taking on income producing projects.

This project was phased over three years.  It is a two-classroom building, constructed of rammed earth and reinforced concrete, with steel purlins and corrugated metal roof.  It also has an office and comedor (kitchen)  at either end of the building constructed of decorated cement block for ventilation. 

To offset the heating characteristics of the roofing material, an interior sloping ceiling is designed to both insulate the interior and create a chimney like draft to help ventilate the interior. The project is was built with the help of the community and volunteers from the United States.

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