Get Involved

Engaging others plays a vital role in our mission to eliminate rural poverty and create an equitable world.

Community volunteer working on a house project

Every financial gift we receive directly helps our mission to alleviate poverty in Central America. See the list below to find out what your level of gift can help us do. 

    • $25 Provides vegetable seeds and plant seedlings for one year of production on a farm
    • $100 Buys fencing materials for a farm expansion
    • $250 Buys a storage tank for farm irrigation water
    • $500 Builds a new farm with drip irrigation that contributes to food security and economic growth
    • $750 Improves a well to provide year round water for irrigation and domestic use.
    • $1,000 Pays for our 6-month training program (human capacity & farming) for one rural woman
    • $5,000 Funds ongoing technical farm training for our farmers for 4 months

If you’d like to get involved more directly we have a few programs just for you:

School and Volunteer Programs

You have skills, resources, time, and a willingness to work hard, all of which are invaluable assets. We can effectively utilize these qualities, as we host groups who are deeply committed to participating in both the technical and interpersonal aspects of our community development initiatives. Start with our form and become a part of this transformative journey. 


Attention college students—this opportunity is tailored specifically for you! Our organization offers a diverse array of internships, ranging from roles such as grants researcher to communications and graphic design. We provide these internships each semester, continuously presenting new opportunities for you to gain valuable experience and skills. Take the first step towards a rewarding experience that can enhance your academic and professional journey.


We are stronger together. Partnerships and reciprocity with universities and organizations who share values help us expand our scope.  Follow the link below to learn more about current partnerships and types of collaborations we are seeking. If you have a new idea, program, or skillset to offer, let us know. Innovation is important and we are open to any mutually beneficial collaborations. 

Become a Board Member

Interested in an engaging and long term form of involvement? ViviendasLeón welcomes new board members with different backgrounds, lived experiences, and skills. If you have a skill to offer, we want to know about it! But even more than skills, we want people who are passionate about poverty alleviation, interested in nonprofit management, and engaged in our important work. Our board is made up of a diverse group of for-profit leaders, educators and non-profit professionals.