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COVID-19 Response

1 - Produce Face Masks for Nicaragua: either on your own or with friends work to create hand-made masks to send to the ViviviendasLeón office in San Francisco who in turn will send them down to our team in Nicaragua and distribute them to our rural communities.

Share our Public Health Campaign: Go to ViviendasLeón's Facebook page and share our Spanish language COVID-19 health recommendations to build awareness with your Spanish speaking network online. 


Donations support the work of our organization and staff who are responsible for the development and implementation of our innovative programs that are at the core of our mission. 

Gifts between $100 to $10,000 will help us meet our annual goals


ViviendasLeon welcomes adults looking for a way to support our organization and to explore the work we are doing in Central America. 
Visit our Team page to reach Martin Juarez in San Francisco and find out more about volunteering.


We offer summer and year-round opportunities for high school, college and graduate students in San Francisco and our offices in León, Nicaragua, and Panajachel, Guatemala. 
Visit our Internships page

Partner with us

Foundations, universities and organizations whose funding, research and related programs support our ongoing development activities. 
Visit our Partnerships page

Join a trip

Through our global educational travel programs, students, educators and families participate directly in our ongoing development work, gaining global perspective and transferable skills that support a commitment to social justice.
Visit our Educational travel programs

Become a board member

ViviendasLeon welcomes those interested in joining our board of directors. Our board is made up of a diverse group of for-profit leaders, educators and non-profit professionals.
Visit our Team page to reach Evan Markiewicz in San Francisco and find out more about joining our board.