Community Center 2007-15

A volunteer group meeting the community

Goyena Community Center 2007-15

The community center project is the first collaboration between ViviendasLeon and the University of San Francisco, Department of Architecture and Community Design.  It was designed by fourth-year students over the course of an academic year within the framework of a design studio.  Students traveled to the community to begin construction on the project in the subsequent summer.  

The construction materials and methods are similar to previous rural buildings incorporating rammed earth, reinforced concrete and environmental design elements including decorative block for ventilation, and a ventilated roof system providing convection cooling.  The community center supports the various programs operating in the community including human capacity training workshops for adults and youth, a youth arts program and a small business startup program.

The project was completed over eight years in two phases.  Major funding to complete the project was provided by the ZoeLiMax Foundation in 2012.  Over the length of the project numerous school and family volunteer groups participated in the construction.  The project was transferred to the Sutiava Indigenous Counsel upon completion in 2017. 

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