SME’s Strengthen Families

SMEs help create strong communities and reduce vulnerabilities Sutiava, Nicaragua The objective of the SME program is to contribute to the economic development of families and produce an improved standard of living.  The development philosophy of ViviendasLeón is asset based: to work with families and communities to identify personal, communal and natural assets that can […]

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Public Health Program, Nicaragua

Public Health Program Since 2011, ViviendasLeon has sought to identify the health challenges and their causes faced by families living in the Sutiaba communities. Among these are chronic diseases including diabetes, dengue and malaria, diarrhea, renal disease and malnutrition, born by insects, contaminated water, insufficient diet, heat exposure, and inadequate sanitation.  At present we have

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4 years = 10 %

Our Methodology ViviendasLeón employs a 4 year ladder of programs to achieve our mission. Programs focus on training human capacities and implementing multi-sector projects to address the interconnected nature of deficits that are the causes of poverty.  The combination of step by step trainings and resources establishes a core group of families, 10%, at the

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SF Friends School 2019

San Francisco Friends School April 6-12, 2019 After 8 years of partnership between ViviendasLeón and the San Francisco Friends School, we have established a new travel program to the Mayan highlands region of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Our Global Education Program continues to incorporate major themes of global citizenship, cultural immersion, community building, and personal agency

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Rural Kitchen Program

Santa Maria Utatlán, Guatemala In Guatemala today, social exclusion of indigenous minorities persists (43% of the population), chronic malnourishment in the young, poverty rates and infant mortality are some of the highest in all of Latin America. Basic healthcare, sanitation, nutrition and access to clean water are some of the greatest challenges that most rural

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