Cristina’s Story

María Cristina Flores Altamirano “My name is María Cristina Flores, I am 37 years old, and a single mother of three children, living in the Troilo Monte Oscuro community. I am a stay at home mother who dedicates most of her time to taking care of my children and my home. In 2015 a series […]

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Grant for Water and Farms

Water Security Supported by New Grant In Nicaragua, water security is one of the core issues that ViviendasLéon aims to address in order to improve the livelihoods of people in rural communities. We recognize that having safe and reliable access to water is integral to smallholder farming, which in turn provides financial stability and nutritious

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4 años = 20%

Nuestra metodología  ViviendasLeón emplea un ciclo de inversión comunitaria de 4 años para lograr nuestra misión. Los programas se centran en las capacidades humanas e implementan proyectos multisectoriales para abordar la naturaleza interconectada de los déficits que son las causas de la pobreza y para crear comunidades autosuficientes.   Metodología de la vía del adulto 

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