Investing in Rural Families

“Without ViviendasLeón’s help, we would not have overcome the barriers of poverty.” Investing in rural families Around the world, millions of rural families rely on farming for their livelihoods. While these families contribute around 70% of global food needs, the majority are mired in extreme poverty, and their livelihoods are threatened by climate change, economic

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SF Friends School 2019

San Francisco Friends School April 6-12, 2019 After 8 years of partnership between ViviendasLeón and the San Francisco Friends School, we have established a new travel program to the Mayan highlands region of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Our Global Education Program continues to incorporate major themes of global citizenship, cultural immersion, community building, and personal agency

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Rural Kitchen Program

Santa Maria Utatlán, Guatemala In Guatemala today, social exclusion of indigenous minorities persists (43% of the population), chronic malnourishment in the young, poverty rates and infant mortality are some of the highest in all of Latin America. Basic healthcare, sanitation, nutrition and access to clean water are some of the greatest challenges that most rural

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Low Cost Housing 2009

Low cost housing project, Goyena Nicaragua 2012 More than 100 families in the Goyena community alone live in severely substandard conditions. This project, which grew out of an extensive survey completed in August 2011 on the status of families in the community, combines development strategies of guided auto-construction, micro enterprise development, savings contributions and donor

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Community Center 2007-15

Goyena Community Center 2007-15 The community center project is the first collaboration between ViviendasLeon and the University of San Francisco, Department of Architecture and Community Design.  It was designed by fourth-year students over the course of an academic year within the framework of a design studio.  Students traveled to the community to begin construction on

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Goyena Preschool 2005-7

Goyena Preschool 2005-7 The preschool was started at a time when organizations were beginning to emphasize among rural communities the importance of preschool education.  As it is true in the U.S., preschool for children freed women to pursue other activities during the work day, like taking on income producing projects. This project was phased over

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Proyecto Mujer 1993-94

Proyecto Mujer is a renovation of an existing adobe house in the historic center of León for a social service agency by the same name.   The agency worked with women involved in prostitution, their children and families, recognizing their lives were intertwined and the result of a number of interrelated issues: severe economic hardship, a

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