Hurricane Julia brings rain, wind and crop damage

October 9, 2022 Hurricane Julia passes over Nicaragua:Today, Hurricane Julia created flooding in many areas of Nicaragua. Overflowing rivers, flooded homes or homes with roofs blowing off, and damage to infrastructure throughout the country The category one hurricane touched the Caribbean coast near Bluefields at dawn with winds of 140 km/h, impacting between Orinoco and

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Empowering women to transform the economy

Leon, Nicaragua Rural economic expansion Expanding economic opportunities for women has been one of the main objectives in each of the programs that ViviendasLeón implements in our rural communities. A central component to achieve this is empowering women to see themselves as independent bread-winners in their community. Our training program, HCT, promotes social inclusion while

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Cristina’s Story

María Cristina Flores Altamirano “My name is María Cristina Flores, I am 37 years old, and a single mother of three children, living in the Troilo Monte Oscuro community. I am a stay at home mother who dedicates most of her time to taking care of my children and my home. In 2015 a series

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