An Interview with Farmer Cristina Alvarez

On becoming a successful rural farmer

León, Nicaragua

Cristina has been in our program for 6 years. In that time she has become a successful organic farmer, and a successful businesswoman, selling her produce to neighbors and families in her community.

In the beginning, she and her daughter Yorleni attended our capacity training program. From there they received the materials and training to start an organic farm.

Today they earn a living from farming.  She feeds her family a healthy and complex diet that she grows and can afford from her income.  She helps her daughter with the school expenses so her grandchildren do not have to work in the nearby commercial farms any more, able to attend school full time.

“Due to the program we are now better off, we harvest what we want to cultivate, and the trainings have given me successful harvests. I go out and sell what we harvest and as a result I’ve increased our income that goes directly into our home.  Currently we are cultivating sugar cane, pineapple cane, and papayas that are the height from the table to my hand. The program has helped us have more, we can harvest what we want.”

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