Alliances in prevention of gender-based violence

Women in group workshop on gender based violence and prevention, La Gallina Nicaragua

La Gallina community, León, Nicaragua

Gender disparities and unequal power relationships represent a challenge to women, children and communities, and to successful development in Nicaragua.

ViviendasLeon’s HCT program, in an alliance with the IXCHEN Women’s Center and the Association for the Support of the New Family in Nicaragua (ANFAN), is developing a new program for women, youth and community leaders aimed at promoting gender equality.

In a recent workshop on gender based violence, in the community of La Gallina, Nicaragua, the focus was on how to identify the signs and types of violence, and the application of strategies to reduce or prevent violence, both at home and in the community.  

“The workshop taught us about our human rights.  In these sessions we discussed the problems of our community and society. Only through training will we find solutions, and know which community members, organizations or institutions to go to for help if women in our family or community are suffering from gender violence.”

Isabel Martínez, right, a young woman from La Gallina

“As a woman and mother, I have come to better understand the issue of violence. In my case, I have daughters and granddaughters, who need to be aware of the resources available and our rights to be heard. I will share what I have learned to identify situations of abuse and places where they can seek help if a man is mistreating them.”

Fatima Velázquez, left above, a woman and mother in the program