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Oralia Ramirez- Mother, farmer, beekeeper, and businesswoman

ViviendasLeón Restores Communities

2024: Throughout the recent years of a political crisis in Nicaragua, and an additional three years of the pandemic, our programs combining social and technical training with sustainable farming in Nicaragua and Guatemala have continued to benefit rural families, and have continue to expand.

Our mission to “empower and equip rural families to be the agents of their own development” has shown time and again that people are willing and capable to work hard and succeed at changing their family’s future.

In Nicaragua:

Nicaragua has been embroiled in a national political crisis since 2018. The country was also deeply impacted by COVID and more than once threatened by destructive hurricanes. These factors have affected our farming program, yet they have not deterred us completely. As of the end of 2023, we have 62 food security farms in operation providing organic food for more than 550 families.

Our impact:

Small farms have more than doubled a family’s income from $90 to $180 month, and provide more than 25 varieties of vegetables and fruit to diversify their diet and improve their nutrition.

In Guatemala:

Since 2019 VL has worked in Guatemala to promote nutrition in schools by teaching parents cooking capacities with a broad selection of vegetables. We have completed two teaching kitchens with the support of architect Molly Molander from Panajachel.

New programs in Guatemala:
In Guatemala, the government responded admirably to COVID, and the country is recovering from the pandemic. With the start of construction of a teaching kitchen in a public school in Los Planes, we launched our new food and nutrition program in rural communities around Lake Atitlán.

Following this project, we began our core training program for adults in Guatemala in 2023. Human Capacity Training (HCT) provides the training and support so individuals can begin farming their own land and creating an income for their family.

In 2024 we have begun developing small, organic farms with the 21 women who have completed the HCT program as the first step to creating food security in their communities.

Restarting travel in 2025:
We are excited to announce the return of our Immersion Travel programs for Schools and Volunteers beginning in 2025, in the Lake Atitlán region. Together we will work with the indigenous community of Los Planes, helping the families there to build food security farms. Training, food, water and small business are the cornerstones of our rural development program. 

Learn more: Download our Immersion Travel Guide for Guatemala

Registration is now open.  Use this link to register for this unique educational travel experience. .

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