ViviendasLeón is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate rural poverty:

We empower and equip rural communities to be the agents of their own transformation

Our programs are participant-centered and community-driven. They address a complex history of neglect in the region, the effects of climate change and gender inequality. They work towards achieving food security and economic stability. We successfully support farm construction and maintenance, human capacity development, and water improvement efforts in rural communities for over two decades.

I have only appreciation in my heart for ViviendasLeón, because of their consistent presence in the community, giving us technical assistance, and encouraging us to move forward despite the problems that arise. ViviendasLeón is more than an organization, it is part of my family. – Oralia Ramirez

About ViviendasLeón

ViviendasLeon was founded in 2003 to create solutions to the interconnected causes of rural poverty in Central America. Our mission to “empower and equip rural families to be the agents of their own development” has shown time and again that people are willing and capable to work hard and succeed at changing their family’s…
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Yamileth Alonzo joins ViviendasLeón Guatemala

We are thrilled to welcome Yamileth Alonzo Zárate, our most recent addition to the Guatemala staff as the Sustainable Farms Program Director.  Yami is an agronomist with experience in multiple areas of farming including food diversification and nutrition training, agriculture and business technical training, strengthening food security and resilience training, and disaster preparedness in…
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León team helps launch new farms program in Guatemala

“During this first month working for ViviendasLeón Guatemala, I have had the opportunity to visit the women who are our first group of farmers in the communities of Paxub’ and Los Planes.  I have noticed the enthusiasm of the women for the new project we are about to start, and the participation and involvement…
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Teaching environmental concepts and practical strategies

Our Nicaraguan staff recently organized an activity to present the environmental documentary titled, ”The Planet Needs Us”.  We wanted to increase awareness in the community about the need to protect the environment and conserve the soil. This was aimed at girls, boys, parents and the entire community present at the Rubén Darío School in…
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Alliances in prevention of gender-based violence

Gender disparities and unequal power relationships represent a challenge to women, children and communities, and to successful development in Nicaragua. ViviendasLeon’s HCT program, in an alliance with the IXCHEN Women’s Center and the Association for the Support of the New Family in Nicaragua (ANFAN), is developing a new program for women, youth and community leaders…
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