Connecting communities and empowering agents of change, ViviendasLeón is dedicated to eliminating rural poverty

ViviendasLeón is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate rural poverty:

We empower and 
equip rural communities to be agents of their own transformation

For over twenty years we have worked with rural communities to achieve measurable, sustainable gains in their standards of living, and partnered with universities, schools and volunteers who support our mission while developing a commitment to social justice.

I have only appreciation in my heart for ViviendasLeón, because of their consistent presence in the community, giving us technical assistance, and encouraging us to move forward despite the problems that arise. ViviendasLeón is more than an organization, it is part of my family.

- Oralia Ramirez

Featured Updates


Field Report: Hurricane Iota

Following the same destructive path of Hurricane Eta which affected the region in early November, Hurricane Iota has developed into one of the most catastrophic hurricanes of the season. Read VL's Field Report and learn about the impact Hurricane Iota is having on Central America and the communities we work in.

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Building Resilience

Nicaraguan Health authorities have released limited COVID-19 information which has created an environment of uncertainty. Read about the personal and professional experience of dealing with COVID from our Agroforestry Director, Lesbia Alvarado.

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New project in Campo Verde, Guatemala

In an effort to create long-term solutions, ViviendasLeón is proposing a project that includes composting toilets at a rural school. The design addresses the challenges of unreliable water for flushing toilets and collects rainwater for important hygiene uses.

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