High School Summer Service Program 2019

High School Summer Service  Trip
June 24 - 30, 2019

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Join us for our new Summer Service Trip in the Mayan highlands region of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. This trip is a 7-day program for students interested in exploring a new culture and working on projects to support rural communities in their development.

Our three main goals are to explore the culture, history, and language of Lake Atitlán and it’s peoples, working alongside rural families and children in the indigenous communities in the town of Santa Lucía Utatlán and work on development projects while discussing the experiences we are having at the end of each day.

Students stay in groups of 2 or 3 in a homestay and neighborhood surrounding the lake. Homestays are an ideal way to get to know how Guatemalans live; their customs, food, and culture. Students will be able to brush up on their Spanish skills while having breakfast and dinner with their host families as well as when interacting with the community.  After breakfast at our homestay, we visit cultural and historic sites ranging from Mayan ruins, local cooperatives, and unique development programs, and learn about local crafts, and ancestral practices and rituals from local practitioners.

Afternoons are spent with our partner Mil Milagros, an established organization with 20 years of experience and deep connections in the region focusing on water, health and nutrition. We will complement their work by building kitchens, classrooms and other projects, in the rural communities around Santa Lucía Utatlán and work side by side with community members on these authentic rural development projects.