High School Internships 2018

Summer High School Internship 2018
ViviendasLeón offers internships for high school students in León, Nicaragua during the summer. The internship encompasses a variety projects and programs relating to youth development in the rural indigenous community of Sutiaba. The dates for the High School Internship are July 8 - 21, 2018

Once interns have been accepted into our internship program, they will work with the Global Education Program Director and their assigned VL staff supervisor to develop a detailed work plan that outlines project goals and objectives. High School students will learn how to plan, organize, and implement different youth programs daily including sports camps, technology workshops, art/music/dance classes, and tutoring classes. Additionally, students will learn how to create marketing materials and utilize social media platforms while implementing these programs.

Sports Camp: Work directly with VL’s youth and sports coordinator in Goyena. Create a survey and report on the successes, challenges, and participant feedback on VL’s youth soccer league. Identify sports equipment and uniform needs for schools in Goyena. Conduct after school sports training sessions daily with various K-12 schools in Goyena.

Technology Training: Create a curriculum and run a condensed computer literacy course for youth in the Goyena computer lab daily including training on how to use educational applications on iPads.

Art, Music, and Dance: Create a curriculum and run either a music, art, or dance workshop series for youths of all ages in the Goyena Madre Tierra Arts Center. Topics should cover basic skills and have a final performance or exhibit for participants to work towards and display to the community at the end of the workshop series.

Marketing: Identify organizations in Leon/Nicaragua that have partnership potential and compliment VL’s youth programs. Create marketing materials targeted for Leon tourists to participate in VL’s youth programs as volunteers.

Social Media and Photography: Create high-quality photos and videos of VL’s youth programs. Create a daily blog about VL’s youth projects, programs, and community.

Education: Tutor individual students daily in various K-12 school subjects in the various Goyena schools.

How to apply:
Begin by downloading the Internship Guide packet, and follow instructions. Send your resume and cover letter explaining why you want to intern for ViviendasLeón, what dates and duration you are interested in interning, and your top two intern position choices. Please send your completed application and support documents as PDFs via email to ViviendasLeón's Global Education Program Director, Martin Juarez. If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

Please send these documents to Martin Juarez.