Educational travel in Guatemala 2019-20

"We are there to support the transformation of the residents to make a better life for themselves. And we transform in the process" Jodi Pickering, SF Friends teacher

ViviendasLeón is a non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate poverty by teaching capacities for self-sufficiency in rural communities and educating our youth as global citizens through service learning travel.  Learn more >>

Register today and create your educational trip to Guatemala
Announcing our new educational travel program in Guatemala for schools in 2019.  Create your own unique itinerary that includes rural community development service projects, cultural and language immersion experiences in home stays and in rural communities, natural places to experience the unique environment of the lake region and ways that development works with the environment to sustain communities, and historic places that shape an understanding of the pre and post colonial history in and around Lake Atitlán and the Mayan highlands region.

Plan a trip:
To plan your school trip, please fill out our interest form here.
For an in-depth overview of the travel options available, download our Travel Packet here.

Details and pricing:

  • School travel can be scheduled anytime from January through June.
  • Trip prices vary depending on length of stay and specific itinerary options, and typically range from $1,000 - $1,500 per person.
  • We specialize in curricular alignment and planning trips that are unique to your school's mission and goals.
  • School groups make their own flight arrangements: Arrive by noon on the first day of the trip, and depart after noon on the last day of the trip. Airlines include United, American and Avianca.

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