Becoming a Global Citizen

Summer Internship program

ViviendasLeón (VL) offers internships for college, graduate, and high school students as well as professionals in both León, Nicaragua over the summer and in San Francisco throughout the year.
Summer internships in Leon range from 2-8 weeks from June to August every year. Internships in the San Francisco office range from 8-16 weeks throughout the year.

“Interning with ViviendasLeón gave me the ability use my skills in a way that makes an actual sustainable difference.”
Maddie Knowles, Education intern summer 2014

Interns begin their time with a week long orientation to learn about the organization, the communities we work with, and the work they will be contributing.

Summer interns stay with host families in León, where they are welcomed with open arms into a new and wonderful culture. Several hours a day are allotted to interns for in-office work as well as several hours a week for fieldwork in Goyena, a rural town that neighbors León. Every week interns participate in a mini-course on International Development giving students a big picture background on the work of nonprofits in the developing world. After work hours, interns are free to explore the beautiful city of León. In addition, weekends are free for interns to experience Nicaragua’s breath taking country. Spanish classes are also available for students who wish to improve their language skills.

San Francisco interns work closely with the Viviendasleon Executive team on various projects related to organizational growth and outreach. VL is very flexible with student schedules and provides on-going mentoring and guidance.

Summer travel program

Students can travel for two weeks during the summer in León and the surrounding region for an immersive experience in Nicaraguan culture, history and rural development.  Learn from, participate with and work alongside staff and community members on authentic projects ranging from sustainable construction to reforestation, agriculture and rural business development.  Excursions to regional cultural, historic and environmental sites and homestays in Leon with local families deepen the experience.  Days begin and end around the table with host families enjoying home cooked meals and conversation, providing an intimate glimpse into Nicaraguan life and culture.

Travel With Us

Our global education travel program is a conduit to transformative experiences in international service, connecting schools, students and families to people in need, to places of historic and environmental beauty, to cultures of richness and diversity.
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