Moringa Tea and Tree Company

Originating from Southeast Asia, Moringa is a species of tree whose leaves, seeds, bark and roots contain many beneficial nutrients for humans, animals and the environment.

The leaves as well as the seedpods are significant sources of vitamin B, C and K, beta-carotene, manganese and protein. The leaves are dried and made into a nutritional tea, the seed pods are cut when young and used in soups. Moringa's roots are nitrogen fixing, and it's leaves when combined with soil restore nutrients and detoxify the soil, an important quality in a region whose soils have been depleted by decades of cotton farming.

While implemented as a reforestation project in 2010, Moringa is now being used to develop a tea and tree products business in the Goyena community. The project includes business and production training, as well as environmental stewardship education. Twenty additional members of the Goyena community will be hired as laborers for the Moringa farming project.