In August of 2011, we visited with every household in Goyena, determining that food security was their highest priority. Family Farms was developed in response to this need, and in coordination with the international environmental organization Trees for the Future. After generations of poverty and years of agri-business monopolies of the land, Goyena residents had lost the skills to farm; and yet, most families have sufficient property to grow food.

After completing the Human Capacity Building Program, heads of households are given fencing, seeds, environmental education and technical training to grow trees and vegetables. With seed that is preserved after each harvest, families replant their land and train their neighbors. ViviendasLeón has initiated 30 family farms, feeding 180 people. The success of this project has attracted the interest of the rest of the community, and continues to expand.

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Link to our Google Map showing the location of our projects throughout the Goyena community.