Renovating Kitchens to “Beat Air Pollution”

As our lives are intrinsically tied to our environment, it is our responsibility to make changes in our environment that will ensure a longer, happier life.

This year’s World Environment Day is focusing on the theme of “Beat Air Pollution”. We are being called upon to reduce the amount of air pollution we produce as a means to combat climate change and eliminate its effects on our own health. There are five main sources of anthropogenic air pollution: household, industry, agriculture, transport, and waste. Household air pollution consists mainly of biomass-based fuels like fossil fuels which are used to cook and provide electricity and heat to homes. ViviendasLeon works to combat indoor air pollution through our Rural Kitchen Program. The quality of kitchens in Guatemala is poor, with little to no ventilation to address the indoor air pollution produced by the wood-burning stoves. The Rural Kitchen Program updates kitchens by improving air flow and installing chimneys to eliminate smoke from the room. These measures protect the mothers and grandmothers working in the kitchen from air pollution and respiratory problems, and ensure that they can safely provide nutritious meals for their families.

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