Striving for Youth Development

Young people hold the future in their hands, and it is crucial to give them the tools to succeed and make positive impacts in their communities. Through our programs, ViviendasLeón wishes to highlight and strengthen the skills of youth who face more challenges because they live in rural areas. 

Living in rural Nicaragua, young people in this area often do not receive the same prospects for education and employment as other young people do. According to the UN, young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults. Recognizing and supporting their skills is important in creating a sustainable local economy and providing people with a way to attain financial stability for themselves and their families. 

Through our Youth Arts Program, young people in Goyena, Nicaragua, were given the opportunity to expand their creative thinking skills, entrepreneurship, and capacity training, and applied these skills toward business, leadership, and civic engagement. Additionally, they learned technical skills, such as carpentry, which provides them with a possible career path.

ViviendasLeón also seeks to support young people academically through our Student Scholarship Program, which provides financial assistance to promising students who lack the funds to complete their education. We believe that education is a crucial building block in rural development, as well as an important stepping stone in helping young people achieve their goals. 

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